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April and May Newsletter to Suppliers.

Rather than fill up your inbox with junk, I thought I’d post it all here - see what a nice considerate chap I am?

Dates etc for 2017 - correct as of teatime 20/4/17  Links are underscored

We’ve had a pretty good year so far, Sir John Moore was the only washout, we had a bit of a false start with a new venue in Norton Juxta Twycross but Record numbers at the Holiday Inn and Alfreton Hall, The Link and Burton Town Hall were pretty good and Mickleover court just gets massive.

Still to go, we have

May 14 - The Glade -  full

May 21st Cattows farm - full


Summer Evenings...

July 12th Alfreton Hall - almost full.

Late Summer... all the dates are on the venue pages, however.

AUGUST 1st - Flyers for the autumn need to be with me by then, last year I cocked up, I only gave people 10 reminders of the cut off time and date and only 12 weeks to get them ready. YOU NEED TO ORDER THEM NOW!


August 20th - Holiday Inn at Sandiacre - We do well here, a nice mix of brides, about 4 of the 25 stands available and at 60 for a 6ft - a bargain.   Back again on January 8th - No-one booked in yet. It will be 80 a 6ft stand.

September 3rd - Cattows Farm - Nice venue, lovely brides, very lovely hosts keen to share work. Spaces available 80

September 10th - Nothing in, however the Perfect Weddings” ladies are at the very smart Novotel at Long Eaton.

September 17th - Mickleover Court - Smart Hotel, Great Staff - superb access 3/4 full already!

September 24th - The Link at Loughborough - another smart and underrated venue, attracted some very upmarket brides in February, superb staff and hospitality, great access.

October 1st - Nothing in yet, but the Derby Arena show by IDo is certainly worth looking at.

October 8th - The Glade at Rosliston - Attracts brides from all over the Midlands and now its future is assured we can really sell this superb venue. Stands available but very limited.

October the 15th - Alfreton Hall - Everyone knows about this amazing venue, indeed I have about 4 stands available, all upstairs!  I’m actually doing the room plan NOW for it.

October 22nd - Nothing in, see notes below about the Grange - no plans to put anything in at this stage

October 29th - Last usable Sunday of the year, Nothing in, Looking at a venue, watch the website.

NOVEMBER  - Booking in for 2018? Good - Flyers for the 2018 wedding info bags need to be in my hand by December 12th - The Bride Guide goes to print on the 15th.



January 7th - Holiday Inn

28th - Burton Town Hall

Venue News!

I have a meeting with a new venue in May, looking at a possible Late October event - Possibly the 29th. Dangerous to say too much but it is along the lines of Elvaston Castle, stately home-ish. Loads of history.

The Grange at Littleover

Will have a new manager taking the hot seat by July 1st, he’s Mike and he’s a very experienced businessman. They had a fayre booked in for August 13th with another supplier and I felt it was perhaps time to re-asess what we do there. Alan has been very good to us, but it’s fair to say that the late Autumn fayres we do have been very poorly supported by brides.  To this end I’ve agreed to cancel all future planned events at the Grange and perhaps chat with the new boss in the Autumn to see what works for them.

Advertising Opportunities...

The Mailing List (FREE)

I want to keep the brides informed, they like new ideas and want to hear from you.

I’m not going to email them any stupid “book today and save 10%” offers but SMART advertising is where it’s at. A pretty photo with a few lines of text, Stationery, Floral, Cakes, Photo, wedding cars.  Something different every email, I’m particularly interested in something that features one of the great venues we work with, think along the lines of “Our good photographer friend XXXXX spotted this stunning wedding cake at XXXXXXhall at the weekend, the cake was provided by XXX and tasted as great as it looked.   2 of the 3 will be Bridefayre Customers, So if the “tog” and the Venue are with us, that’s fine, if the Caker and the Tog are with us, that’s good too, it’s all about networking

The App (FREE)

Likewise, if we can put a deal on the App for your business, we’ll do it but only for the fayres you are attending  The App

The Bride Guide (30)

Last issue we sold some full page adverts for 30, we handed out 799 of those guides and the autumn print run will be bigger

The full page ad is available for 30 to anyone who would feature in the magazine as a free listing (You will be booked in and paid for a wedding fayre in the future, or will have been since January 1st 2017, I only have space for 12 and 3 of these are already paid for, email me.

Now the Mean stuff

Mr Nasty - Part One - Unpaid Invoices.

I seem to spend a lot of time chasing invoices.

Please understand this, This is my business, this is my income,  I believe my charges are fair and I cannot keep chasing people to do what they said they would do, deposit invoices will be allowed 3 days grace, balance invoices 7 days grace.  I’ll cancel you after that without notice and you won’t be working with me again. I know this is harsh but so far this year I’ve lost about 800 in unsold stands where I’ve turned people away and then been let down.

Mr Nasty - Part Two - Stand Sizes.

If you want more space, ask, pay for it Simples.   To keep the prices where they are we have to play fair, if you turn up with 6 banners and then block off everyone else, you’ll be pulling them out of the skip.  If you put up a huge hideous backdrop and move your table forward to block the aisle, I WILL move you back.

We don’t sit behind tables so we don’t need to have them blocking the access, this years feature seems to be Pull the table forward, put a banner at the side and Move the chairs in front of someone elses stand and sit on them, then moan that no-one walks in front of the stand anyway, mainly because the table is now blocking the route.

Mr Nasty - Part Three - That Facebook thing...

First of all thank you to everyone who spoke out to support me when someone had a go at trashing me on facebook last month.

I generally kept quiet and let it die down, there are 2 sides to every issue and for my customers I will set the record straight .

 An entertainer contacted me for space at wedding fayres, I couldn’t fit her in at most but offered her a 20 stand at one. She then contacted that venue, and a couple of others, to ask for a free stand and ONLY when they told her to get in touch with me, a week later, did she get back to me later on that day with some cock and bull story about not seeing the email, then more lies about not seeing the links on the email and mixed in with all of it was one big fat lie that she’s been playing the flute at grade 8 for 17 years. Assuming that I was dealing with a middle aged woman, Shes actually 24 years old, and annoyed at the underhand way of doing business, I responded (badly) by pointing out the lies one by one and telling her she wasn’t welcome and she posted her side of the events and a selection of the emails on facebook where someone who has nothing to do with the wedding industry other than mod on a couple of groups saw it and jumped on the bandwagon.

The aftermath is that I’ve been removed from a number of wedding groups including those admin’d by the self styled stasi of wedding groups, you probably know who I mean, and have quite correctly been identified as “harsh” “rude” and “Sarcastic”.  My stance is simple and has never changed, If you lie to me and let me down, I may seem harsh rude and sarcastic, but compared to a bride that you lie to and let down on the most important day of her life, I’m a pussycat!

Phone calls from more liars ensued “I was going to book in but I’m not now after the way you spoke to this young girl” and comments on facebook pages by people with nothing better to do, however...

I’ve gained a number of new suppliers who actually read the emails and agree with my stance on sly, shifty liars, and curiously have been approached by a potential new venue in the area who have also seen the furore and are delighted that I don’t want liars in the fayres.

My response was too long, it was too sarcastic and I should have just said “sorry, we’re full now” Theres no but, I was wrong.  However one thing will not change, I don’t like idiots or liars at my wedding fayres.  Idiots get a second chance, they can’t help it.  But if someone wants to spin me the biggest load of old crap, please, have the decency to be good at it. I WILL find out their lies and I will ban them, the rest of us work too darn hard in this sector for these chancers to just steal work by telling fibs.

You know guys, all it would take is ONE of these idiots to let down a load of customers and hit the press, and that the victims met her/him at a Bridefayre wedding fayre and we ALL lose reputation, it’s not happening, let the muppets slag me off on facebook because when they do, their customers can see what sort of person they are.

Mr Nice...

We need to celebrate Star Wars day.

I’ll buy the coffees, you buy your brunch!

Frankie and Benny’s - Pride Park - Remember to tap your number plate into the reader thing.   10:30 am - May the Fourth be with you!

Networking or notworking - it’s your choice.


may 4th
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