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Planning a HOT summer wedding?

Summer weddings are the best aren't they? But a few bits of preparation are essential.  Just as everyone in this wet and windy land tells you to prepare for the rain, no-one ever mentions what you need to do to prepare for the hot summers day.

Heres a few top tips - some of them seem bonkers but trust me, theres nothing worse than bright red faces in wedding photos.



Load up the boot of the wedding car with bottles of water, lots of them. From the supermarket they cost 20p each but dehydration is a HUGE problem for summer weddings and especially for elderly relatives and children


Try and visit the venues a week or so before and make sure theres enough places to shade and shelter near the photo backdrops. If not, 19.99 buys a basic garden gazebo, put it up the night before if you can. Instant pop up ones are on eBay for 40 in a range of colours.


Of course you’ve already planned to put a little kit together for the best man to look after, Sunblock and aftersun both need to go in it, insect bite cream and repellent too and a few Ibuprofen for when the headaches kick in. Small packs of each will fit nicely in a pencil case, get a bright pink one so you don’t lose it.


Beware the reactolites! Colour changing glasses are great but for the wedding photographs you need to ditch them.

Your Specs are part of you and taking them off would be odd, but unless you want to look like Roy Orbison, clear lenses or even an old pair with the lenses removed will look better for the snaps.


Look, they are adults, right, they KNOW what they are doing.. No. They genuinely don’t.

On a hot day our instinct is to take on liquid, the guys will drink beer and the ladies drink wine but the problem is, it’s later in the day than they realise and a long time since breakfast. The guests will have had five hours with nothing to eat or drink and lots of evaporation of water.  The conversation flows, the wine flows and pretty soon people start to feel quite ill. Then the photographer turns up!

Schedule the Photographs

Your photographer will have a guide list of essential snaps. Great, look at it and turn it upside down.

Getting all the group shots in first will mean elderly people are there (and not just nipped off to the loo) they can do it whilst looking good, then disappear and find a shady seat.

Then get the groomsmen shots out of the way before the ties start getting loosened and the jackets start coming off, then the Bridesmaids and finish with the Happy couple, in peace, with everyone else shoved into the shade. Not only will this reduce the overall time spend herding an ever growing crowd of people, it means you can make your entrance, possibly via a quiet cool drink and a cold face cloth.

Hats and Umbrellas

A box of pound shop white brollies in the boot of the car (you may need to get them online) will be good if it rains, Great if it’s too sunny. Get one really nice lacy one, a parasol, for the bride of course.

Sun hats for the kids and Grandad - printed baseball caps with your wedding logo on are cheap enough and make a nice keepsake

Kitchen Roll

Men sweat, Ladies Perspire. Kitchen roll, unlike tissues can be dabbed to soak up the perspiration without smudging makeup and withoul leaving bits all over her face making her look like the clumsiest wet shaver ever..

Obviously get plain white and don't carry the roll around, just a few sheets.

A Shower Curtain

of all the things here, this will seem the daftest! But ...

Get as plain a white shower curtain as you can from B&Q or Dunelm.

Nothing is lovelier for a summer wedding than the bride perched on a bench or a dry stone wall or sat on the grass with the loving groom kneeling behind. What about that great shot in the middle of the lawn with the dress  spread out?

The next photo with the wet patches, brown and green stains and grass cuttings isn’t quite as nice.  That 4 shower curtain can be folded under you and tucked out of sight, it can line the boot of the going away car so the flowers don’t spew water, it can be used as an emergency rain cover.

Wedding Cars

We’ve already said to put a slab of water in the boot. But theres a couple more things to consider

Open Top cars are superb for the photographs, terrible for the hair and the trouble is, they seldom have A/C and the black mohair or vinyl roof SOAKS up the heat. Ask the driver to wait for you with the roof up (closed) and the windows open, this will keep the car cooler. Roof down for the photographs, Roof up for all but the last 200 yards of the trip (open the front windows 2 inches and the back windows halfway if you can and keep the speed down.  Then just before the venue, pop down the top and arrive in style.

Hard top cars with no A/C, try the window combination above, just on the grooms side of the car and drink plenty of water.

Know where North is

The sun, even in June and July is in the south, unless you want lots of nice squinting photographs, find out where north is (google maps are your friend) and see what you can do to be facing slightly Northwest (NNW) This way the sun won’t be immediately behind you and will be slightly to your left. The later you leave it of course, the lesser the problem. Whatever you do, avoid facing directly into the sun, great for light, bad for facial expressions.

More Water

Keep jugs of iced water on hand all day, you really cannot make it accessible enough.




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